Sports Fitness

Group of people exercising together, lifting weight using skipping rope and medicine ball

Switch to Sports Fitness, the Most Effective Fitness Regimen

Sports Fitness is a strength and conditioning program that is taking the world of fitness by storm. Designed to be inclusive and broad, this program is scalable based on your fitness needs.
     Since 1974, the team at Iron Hand have specialized in fitness training in the Voorhees area in NJ.

World-Class Sports Fitness Training Facilities at Affordable Rates

It is said that while working out, the equipment really doesn’t matter. What matters is your dedication and the environment you train in.
     To help you achieve this, we have a world-class 11,000 sq. ft. facility with an indoor track as well as showers and lockers. Here, you can truly push yourself beyond the limits.

Some Advantages of Sports Fitness Training

  • Strength training and conditioning

  • Scalable training regimen

  • Designed for athletes and novices

  • Designed for real-world applications

  • Scalable loads and workout intensity

  • Extensive support available for Sports Fitness Training theory, techniques and practice for people of all genders, ages, profession and fitness levels

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     Led by Grandmaster Giacobbe, a hall of fame Black Belt in martial arts, our fitness team focuses on helping you find the right training regimen in a safe environment. Our youth as well as adult class timings range from 6.30 AM to 8.00 PM.
     For more information, text us at (856) 693-1230.

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